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Cosmopolitan Dining In Balmain Rozelle Restaurants

Balmain Rozelle is a cosmopolitan precinct offering great food from around the world with an emphasis on organic and sustainable ingredients.

Eclectic Mix of Cuisines

In Balmain and Rozelle restaurants, inner west food-style is showcased by an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes presenting a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and other international flavours.

Culturally Diverse Restaurants

Balmain restaurants and Rozelle restaurants are as culturally diverse as the population—Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Indian restaurateurs have all been attracted to the area by its reputation as a food destination. High end dining mixes with casual fare. You can get the best chardonnay to drink with the best fish and chips. You will be most likely offered great cakes from local celebrity chef, Adriano Zumbo.

Abundant Seafood

Located so close to the fish markets seafood is in abundance. Joe’s Catch of the Day serves some of the best fish and chips in Sydney while serves high quality seafood sourced from ethical and sustainable fisheries.

Focus On Organic Food

Rozelle Restaurant Delmain Providore provides creative and modern Australian food with an emphasis on Australian, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Aboutlife has a café where you can on organic soy chai latte or a fair trade organic

Focus On Authenticity

Efendy is focused on delivering an authentic Turkish cuisine. Each team member champions a different culinary region of Turkey and Chef Sivrioglu regularly visits Istanbul.

Manjits Indian Restaurant is an innovator in Indian cuisine. With their success they also provide event catering for large events.

Strong Coffee Traditions

The early Greek and Italian migrants introduced espresso coffee to the Inner West and Balmain and Rozelle cafes reflect the strong local café traditions. Our cafes are as eclectic as the area with traditional cafes such as The Bean, opened in 1978, mixing with contemporary venues such as Little Ethels, Rosebuds and The Corner Bar.


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