Sydney Businesses In The Balmain Rozelle Area

Balmain and Rozelle have a dynamic entrepreneurial business community. This community provides services across retail, food and catering, creative, finance, health, law, marketing and business.

Business Is An Essential Part Of The Community

The Balmain Rozelle business community is not only the powerhouse of the local economy but is part of the greater macro-economy of Sydney, NSW and Australia.

The Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce links Sydney businesses from Balmain, Rozelle, East Balmain, Birchgrove, White Bay and Lilyfield with the larger business sector. Its members aim to create a vibrant, successful business community essential for a healthy local economy.

A Confident Retail And Food Precinct

Balmain and Rozelle have a diverse, shopping district with high volume pedestrian traffic from local shoppers and visitors from other suburbs looking for specialist or luxury goods. People come to shop, to eat, to learn, to relax, to improve their health and to be entertained. There is a professional and confident atmosphere in the business community.

Providing Creative Services

Artists, actors, designers, photographers, film-makers, musicians, bands (and a symphony orchestra), architects, marketers, web designers and developers live or have businesses in the area. Balmain-Rozelle is one of the creative hubs of Sydney. Visit the art galleries to view the showcase of local artists.

Experienced Financial Services

Balmain and Rozelle is well served by professionals that can help you with your personal or business finances. You get the advantage of qualified and experienced people within a few minutes of the city without having to pay the big city overheads. There are great accountants, financial planners and business advisors in the area.

Helping Businesses To Grow

Balmain Rozelle’s thriving business community is supported by dynamic support businesses providing financial, legal, IT, telecommunications and business advice and services.

Understanding Real Estate And Property

Being part of the Balmain and Rozelle community means living or owning a business in the area. Balmain and Rozelle real estate is high value and our real estate agents and buyers agents can help you buy, sell, lease or rent.


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