The Peninsula Buzzes With A Different Hum

ShopBalmainRozelle is your comprehensive guide to the Balmain peninsula. Discover everything you need to know about Balmain and Rozelle—what’s on, where to eat, who’s playing where, and just about everything else.

What makes Balmain Rozelle special?

The Balmain peninsula, in the Inner West of Sydney, really does have its own unique atmosphere—it buzzes with a different hum. We have glitterati, literati, fashionistas, baristas and even a few paparazzi (and just plain photographers). It really does have a different feel because the people dance to their own drum, they are their own people and they make the place different, lively and exciting.

Why come to Balmain Rozelle?

Find all the great things to do in Balmain and Rozelle: shop, eat, drink, listen to music, read, write, appreciate art, walk, run, swim, create (and did we mention shop). The variety is endless, the choices eclectic and the locals are welcoming. Shopping Balmain Rozelle offers an amazingly unique variety of boutiques, speciality shops, providores, markets, patisseries, bakeries, home wares, and galleries (you can find things that you just can’t get elsewhere).

What’s to eat in Balmain Rozelle?

Balmain Rozelle is a cosmopolitan precinct offering great food from around the world with an emphasis on organic and sustainable ingredients. Balmain and Rozelle pubs and bars are friendly places to go to meet your friends, hear some great music, drink a good beer and escape from the stresses of the day.

What sort of community is Balmain Rozelle?

Balmain Rozelle maintains its working class traditions of a supportive and close community even though the heavy industries have gone. Now the area is home for a community of people from blue collar to middle-class. Balmain and Rozelle have a dynamic entrepreneurial business community. It provides services across retail, food and catering, creative, finance, health, law, marketing and business.

What sort of people live in Balmain Rozelle

Balmain and Rozelle people dance to their own drum. They are entrepreneurial, welcoming and health conscious. There is a strong supportive community with a strong creative element. People place a strong emphasis on mind body wellbeing.

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